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Chris Ward's stuff

MR2 Stuff


Folding mirrors - How to upgrade to electrically folding wing mirrors

In-car camera - How to install a video camera and MPEG4 recorder

Amplifier - My installation of an Infinity amplifier above the spare wheel and new speakers in the doors

Dyno chart (2007) - Rev 2 3SGTE with ATS Racing CT27 turbo and a Dastek Unichip mapped at Engine Advantages

Dyno chart (2014) - Rev 3 3SGTE with KO Racing T3/T4 turbo kit at 1.1 bar

IMOC Garage - More details of my MR2

LS400 Stuff


Loose Heatshields - A cheap fix for loose exhaust heatshields

Lambda Sensors - How to fit new pre-cat lambda (oxygen) sensors

Transmission Mount - How to replace the transmission mount


More recent photos are on my Flickr page

MR2 Gala Day 2004

Northants Jap Car Forum meet 11/07/2004

Northants Jap Car Forum meet 13/02/2005

Racing at Snetterton 28/03/2005

Other Stuff

6502 Project - How I designed and built a 6502 based computer with LCD display and IDE hard drive

My LinkedIn profile